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Mindful Awareness Day-Long Retreat

  • Bend of Ivy Lodge 3719 Bend of Ivy Road Marshall, NC, 28753 United States (map)

On this Day-Long Retreat we’ll explore both the practice of mindfulness meditation (“noticing what you’re sensing in real-time”) and awareness meditation (“simply being”).

Mindful awareness is the coming together of effortless being and active investigation. It’s being able to differentiate what’s arising in your experiential field while also resting in complete awareness. When you can move between mindfulness and awareness, merging and blending the two modes together, you become more free and resilient in your response to life.

During this day-long retreat, co-lead by Vincent Horn & Emily Horn, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in guided, silent, & interactive social meditation practice. 

Retreat Teachers:

Vincent Horn is part of a new generation of teachers translating age-old wisdom into 21st century code. A computer engineering dropout turned modern monk, he spent his 20s co-founding the ground-breaking Buddhist Geeks project while doing a full year of silent meditation practice on retreat. Vincent began teaching in 2010 and has been authorized in both the pragmatic dharma lineage of Kenneth Folk and by Trudy Goodman Kornfield, whose contemplative training is in the Insight Meditation and Zen traditions. Vincent has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired magazine and was honored to be featured in Wired UK’s “Smart List: 50 people who will change the world.” Vincent is one of the co-founders of and of the Asheville Heart of Insight, a Buddhist-Mindfulness practice community. He lives in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with his partner Emily Horn and their son Zander.

Emily Horn develops programs and support structures for people dedicated to living a whole-hearted life in the modern world. Emily is an authorized meditation teacher by some of the largest meditation centers in the West: Spirit Rock, InsightLA and Insight Meditation Society. She has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired magazine. Emily has worked in various contemplative education environments including Naropa, Sounds True, and Buddhist Geeks and is now the co-founder of and the Asheville Heart of Insight Community. For her, the contemplative journey is simply learning to dance with all of this human experience: from transcendence to dirty dishes, evolutionary edges to ancient roots, solitary practice to deepening relationships. She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband Vincent and son Zander.


Think Asian Zen elements mixed with a charming restored tobacco barn, all nestled in a nature haven surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge mountains. 


The Bend of Ivy Lodge facilities provide a comfortable and beautiful place to meditate, sleep, and care for ourselves as we go into retreat. The land provides a serene and peaceful outdoor space with hiking trails, long mountain views, quiet woods, and a glade of trees by the river.

Other Important Details:

Chairs and meditation cushions will be provided for all participants, though you're welcome to bring your own.

In terms of food you will need to bring your own lunch for this event. It's also a good idea to bring a portable water bottle. Water will be provided.

This event is offered on a sliding scale, between $50-100. Please pay at the highest part of the scale you can afford.